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Robust meaning : Robust meaning in Hindi | Robust meaning in Tamil |

Robust meaning : Today we will discus about Robust meaning and Robust meaning in Hindi we will also discus about Robust meaning in Tamil and meaning of Robust.

Lets talk about Robust Meaning

Robust-meaning-Robust-meaning-in-Hindi -Robust-meaning-in-Tamil.
Robust-meaning-Robust-meaning-in-Hindi -Robust-meaning-in-Tamil.

  • Robust meaning  word is used to represent hard powerful and strong Robust word it self represents that yes i am strong enough to do all task it represents that i am not week i can do all works .

Robust meaning in terms of Dictionary and Grammar 

  • Robust meaning  is called adjective in grammar term .

Some similar words Robust meaning

  • Robust meaning I am strong .
  • Robust meaning I am very tough person .
  • Robust meaning As i am strong i can do every thing .

Meaning of Robust ( Robust meaning )

Robust meaning : Robust means that ( it could be a person or a thing or a animal ) it belongs to all things . Robust i used when people says that you are / animal / or thing is too week in reply people reply that no dear its not week its more Robust meaning so never underestimate him / or that animal/or that thing .

Robust meaning : Robust is used globally people all over the world use this world when ever they wants to represent strong . but this world  Robust meaning is used in government term advocates usually use this world frequently .

History of the World Robust meaning

Robust meaning : Robust word is originated from the Latin world people all over the world speak this world when ever there is strong thing is required . As i mentioned earlier advocates usually  use this world more .

So lets take examples of word Robust meaning and Robust meaning in Hindi and Robust meaning in Tamil 

Robust-meaning-Robust-meaning-in-Hindi -Robust-meaning-in-Tamil.
Robust-meaning-Robust-meaning-in-Hindi -Robust-meaning-in-Tamil.
  • Robust meaning My boss is So robust he works hrs a day we are nothing in front of him when robust is considered .
  • Robust meaning in Hindiमजबूत मैं इतना मजबूत हूं कि कोई भी मुझे नहीं हरा सकता है इसलिए अपनी सीमा में रहो |
  • My dog is so Robust it can run up to 5 Km a day .
  • My gym coach is so robust he has very big muscles .

Robust meaning in some other popular languages

  • Robust meaning in Hindiमजबूत
  • Robust meaning in Tamil : Valuvana
  • Robust meaning in Telugu : Balamaina
  • Robust meaning in Kannada : Drustvada
  • Robust meaning in Chinese : Qiangdade
  • Robust meaning in Punjabi : Mazabuta.
  • Robust meaning in Bengali : Balistha .
  • Robust meaning in French : Robuste.

Conclusion Robust meaning : Hello Friends hope I have already Resolved all your Queries regarding Robust meaning and how to use Robust meaning in real life I have also explained about history of the word Robust meaning and I have also explained about examples where Robust meaning can be used in I have also explained grammar terms of Robust meaning word and I have also explained about meaning of Robust meaning in some  various popular  languages of the word  i have also explained about Robust meaning in Hindi i have also explained about  Robust meaning in Tamil if anything is left please you are requested to post in the comment or you can mail us email id is given bellow or given the contact menu you guys get the query resolved as soon as possible for more assistance like this please subscribe to us using bellow form so that you can get future alert’s directly into your mail box we usually post all trending word meaning and definitions and dictionary terms and grammar terms.
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