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Affairscloud : Affairscloud current affairs | affairscloud current affairs quiz | Affairscloud reasoning

Affairscloud : Hello every one i am Kiran Kamble Founder of Affairscloud in this video i am going to assist about Affairscloud  i will also discuss about Affairscloud current affairs and affairscloud current affairs quiz and Affairscloud reasoning.

Affairscloud : Affairscloud current affairs | affairscloud current affairs quiz | Affairscloud reasoning

So lets talk about Affairs cloud : Affairs cloud is current affairs website where we provide world wide current affairs Affairscloud includes local news and political news and sports news and state and nation news which is very helpfull for government exam Aspirants .

Affairscloud current affairs : If you guys are looking for Current affairs for govt exams like KPSC SSC Railway exams you guys are at the right place so please stay tuned here and look for something else Affairscloud current affairs.

Affairscloud : next month so hey guys thanks for joining me today hey thanks very much yes welcome back we had a little Affairscloud current affairs-show chat got a little warmed up and I think we're in good spirits today so this is something we've been meaning to do for a while thanks a lot for joining me for this we've got a big task in front of us to do all 12 signs but we're gonna try and tackle the first six today I think yes half.

 affairscloud current affairs quiz : just half that is how I am I have actually been I'm three or five like four months into doing my horoscope column over the past few Affairscloud reasoning the video horoscopes and do you guys ever towards about halfway through that process really start cursing whoever decided that there should be 12 signs of the zodiac rather than some more manageable number of like four or five like five right yeah 12 is .

Affairscloud : it I mean it takes a while to get used to the fact that 12 is substantial and it's more marathon than Sprint you got it you're gonna keep you who I meant Affairscloud current affairs right absolutely I actually I will jump around I am instead of just doing them in order I'll be like uh I don't feel like writing that sad one I'll jump to Pisces sometimes I do in backwards sometimes I'll do the first six from Aries.

affairscloud current affairs quiz : Virgo and then I'll do the light the next six from Pisces to Affairscloud reasoning they meet in the middle just anything - I don't know keep it interesting that's smart I like that I would only worry that I would wake up one night and realize I forgot to write one for like Libra like a month later or something like that I'm like I'm in or Austin that you bounce it I'm like I've thought about that like should .

 Affairscloud : do a different sign and then I I've just obviously something and so I just do them or in order every time and I just get very happy when I get to Pisces which I always find the easiest one to write probably for personal reasons yeah yeah you know who knows why I don't know why it is but yeah I don't know I don't I don't know that it's any glorious innovation it's just you know it's just my my Affairscloud current affairs yeah your lack of rule-following sure so .

affairscloud current affairs quiz : yeah so we'll get into that well that's actually an issue because we're gonna start we're gonna go through these in order we're gonna start Affairscloud reasoning Aries right we're not doing any jumping around today today all right with some basics first right yeah so this is exciting cuz this is kind of a follow-up where we did one really great really amazing like foundational .

Affairscloud : episode on the 7 the the signification 's are the meanings in astrology of the seven traditional planets like a couple of years ago and that's because that was a really good I mean we did a really amazing foundational discussion and people always talk to me about that Affairscloud current affairs and always refer back to it because it for a lot of people the podcast is something and they're finding pretty early on in their studies and so we've really been you know.

 affairscloud current affairs quiz : teaching people astrology and teaching people the basics so this is a good continuation of that where we did the planets basically and now it's time to talk about the other one of the other you know Affairscloud reasoning fundamental factors of astrology of course which is the signs of the zodiac and the meanings or the qualities that astrologers associate with those signs so very quickly before we get into that one of the things we're talking about before we got started.

Affairscloud :  ishow all three of us sort of have a very similar approach to astrology and tha that might be like relevant context where each of us started off as modern astrologers then we learned traditional or or older forms of astrology and then all Affairscloud current affairs of us have kind of naturally developed a sort of very similar synthesis of modern and traditional astrology.

 affairscloud current affairs quiz : at this point I think right yeah I think so and it is an interesting point that our individual lineage or pathways is that we did start with modern first so our experience is actually different from people who are coming into Affairscloud reasoning now and starting with traditional or older forms of astrology first but just because not to say one's better or worse it's just it is different the information is being layered in in different ways right yeah definitely.

 Affairscloud : I would say yeah I started you know my first references were the the Affairscloud current affairs till books but I didn't have a teacher and so I just sat with the diagrams I was just like sitting with okay these are the signs these are the modes Affairscloud current affairs are the elements you know these are these planets rule here exalted here and I was just trying to I was just kind of sitting with the diagrams until Chris invited me down to project hindsight in 2006.
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