RRB Ntpc & RRC Group D Most Expected Questions for 2019, Most Important questions to be asked in the RRB NTPC & RRC GROUP D THIS YEAR 2019 - Kiran Kamble Knowledge World
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RRB Ntpc & RRC Group D Most Expected Questions for 2019, Most Important questions to be asked in the RRB NTPC & RRC GROUP D THIS YEAR 2019

RRB Ntpc & RRC Group D  Most Expected Questions for 2019, Most Important questions to be asked in the RRB NTPC & RRC GROUP D THIS YEAR 2019
RRB Ntpc & RRC Group D  Most Expected Questions for 2019, Most Important questions to be asked in the RRB NTPC & RRC GROUP D THIS YEAR 2019 

Dear Govt Job Aspirants of Karnataka & India ,

Railway department is going to Conduct RRB NTPC & RRC Group D 2019 exam Across the Nation. Now the  Students might be waiting for the GENERAL AWARENESS & GENERAL KNOWLEDGE Questions which re going to be asked in RRC Group D & NTPC 2019 exam. So Here Kiran Kamble Knowledge World An Educational Related Youtube Channel come out with  GENERAL AWARENESS & GENERAL KNOWLEDGE And General Science Questions . Aspirants who are going to Write  NTPC And RRC Group D Exam 2019 exam - Guys Questions which are Mentioned Bellow are Prepared by Experts - These Questions are Expected to be asked in the RRB NTPC And RRC Group D 2019 - So Be Prepared for the Exam .

Dear govt job Aspirants General Science is a Important topic and its also a vast subject questions which are mentioned bellow are very important for all upcoming Examinations of 2019 Mainly RRC group D RRB NTPC - And SSC MTS - And Soon KPTCL is going to Conduct Engineering Department Exams LIke AEE - CIVIL - AE - and Junior Assists so these Questions Will you help you in getting more Marks - These Questions already Asked in the Govt jobs so be prepared Kiran Kamble Knowledge World - Youtube Website - Education Says - Best Of Luck !!!!

Q 01 - Which of the Animals are Elusively free living  Marine Animals ? - Ans- Echinodermata .

Q 02  -Which of the following are True Statements ? Question-Velocity Of sound is ............
  • Less in summer than in winter.
  • more in summer than winter Answer .
  • independent of seasons same in winter and summer  .

Q 03 - According to New land  Law of Octaves How many Element Exist in the Nature ? Ans - 65 Exist in the Nature .

Q 04 - Which of the Following thing can go Sublimation ? Ans - Ammoniam Chloride .

Q 05 -Definition of Force can be stated from ? Ans - Newtons second Law of motion .

Q 06 - When electricity is passed through an Aqueous Solution of Sodium chloride ( Brine ) - It Decomposes to Form ? - Ans - NAOH+H2+C2 .

Q 07 -What is the Growth Hormone Function - Ans - Sometime As Growth Promoters .

Q 08 - A Sound of Single Frequency is called What ? - Ans - Tone .

Q 09 - Which of the following is called Acidic in the Nature ? Ans - Magnesium Sulphate.

Q 10 -The Essential Organs in a flower for Reproductions are ? - Ans - The Petal and the Pistil .

Q 11 - The Energy Stored in the Dry Cell is in the Form of - Ans  - Chemical Energy .

Q 12 - The Tendency of Un Disturbed Objects to stay at Rest or to Keep Moving with the same velocity is called - Ans - Inertia .

Q 13 - Which of the Following metals Does not react with Cold And Hot Water - Ans - Aluminum .

Q 14 - In a plant which of the following is converted into Seed - Ans - Ovule .

Q 15 -The ___ BONE______has Abundant White Fibers ? Ans - BONE 

Q 16 - Which of the Following is used as in making perfumes as well as flavoring Agents - Ans - Esters .

Q 17 - Common Salt / NACL is made up of - Ans - Sodium Chloride 

Q 18 - The Reproductive parts of the flower are - Ans -Stamens & Carpels .

Q 19 - Which of the following substances is used for supporting Fractured Bones - Ans - CASO4 - 1/2 H2O Calcium Sulphate .

Q 20 -Carbon Dioxide is an Example of - Ans -Acidic In Nature .

Q 21 - Which of the following used for the Denaturation of ethyl alcohol methyl alcohol .- Ans- 
  • Methyl Alcohol 
  • Pyridines
  • Copper Sulphate 
  • All are correct

Q 22 - How many Structural Isomers are possible for pentane ? Ans - 03 

Q 23 - A Person is suffering form both defects of Vision - MYOPEA & HYPERMETOPIA - Which type of Lens Should be Use - Ans - Bi Focal Lense 

Q 24 - The Unit of Linear Magnification is - It is Unitless 

Q 25 - Virtual Effect & Diminished Image are the Characteristics features of - Ans - Convex Mirror .

Q 26 - Plasma is a Mixture of - Ans- Free Electrons & Ions 

Q 27 - There is Newly Discovered Fifth State of Mattre is called ? - 100% Wil be asked in RRC NTPC GROUP D EXAM - Ans - BOHR - EINSTIN - CONDENSALE .

Q 28 - A greenish coating develops on copper utensils due to formation of - Ans - CU(OH)2 - CUCO3 .

Q 29 - Which of the following Oxides of Nitrogen is also known as Laughing gas - Ans - N2O ( Nitrus Oxide ) 

Q 30 -An Element has an  Atomic Weight off - W & An Atomic member of N The Numbers of Protons in the nucleus of its atom is - Ans W & N 

Q 31 - The Human Body Works in the within the ph range of - Ans - 7:00 to 7:04

Q 32 - The SI Unit of Electric Current is - Ans - Ampere .

Q 33 -_GENE ______ are the carries of heredity material -Ans - GENE .

Q 33 - In Water Molecule - The Ratio of MASS of Hydrogen to the MASS of Oxygen is Always - Ans - 1:8

Q 33 - What is the UPWARD force exerted by water called - Ans - BUOYANT FORCE.

Q 33 - A Conductor Having some Appreciable Resistance is called -Ans - RESISTOR .

Q 33 -___STEMEN a Part of the MALE Reproductive system in plants , ANS- STEMEN 

Q 33 - Which of the following metal displace IRON from IRON Chloride ? Ans- ZINC .

Q 33 - PARTHENOCARPY is Defined as - Ans Development of Fruit Without Fertilization .  

 Guys this is End for the day  i will bring more important questions in future days - so keep visting our site called Kiran Kamble Knowledge World - Website .

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